Sunday, April 1, 2012


Okay, so I might be a little seeing the Hunger Games, because it seems like everybody I know has already seen it. But today, I saw it with my dad!

It was the best movie I have seen/watched all year! So, if you haven't seen it yet then I suggest that you rush right out to your local movie's and see it. :)

I loved who they choose to play the Katniss! Usually I can't stand the main actor/actress, in movies. So they did a good pick with this one. :) I also love how she was very emotional, and touched people. Actually she made me cry in one part of movie. Really, she was that good!

Okay, so for all of girls out there (which i'm sure that you agree with me) this was the like one one of the best-est parts! lol Don't you agree girls? It was so cute. And even though I like Gale, way better then Peeta, it was still a really cute! :)

Okay, so yep I just had to put a picture of Gale. ;)

Well, that's all for now. But let me know what you thought of the movie too. K? TTYL!


Amanda said...

Finally, someone who loves Gale more than Peeta!!! I am rejoicing right now Hans. :)
But I'm also sulking about the fact that I can't go see it. :( *tears*


The Bookness said...

Dying to watch it.
Followed. If you would like, then maybe you'll visit me someday.

Anastasia said...

I loved the Hunger Games too! They did pick a great actor for Katniss. Which part made you cry? The part when know...made me sob!

You're doing a great job with your blog! Keep it up!