Monday, March 26, 2012


Thank you God for this first ever beautiful Spring in the Middle of March! :) I am loving the wonderful Spring weather that we have been having this year where I live. We usually don't get these nice of Springs, so it truly has been wonderful!

A sense of warmth is tapping at the door;
And hope, a feeling out from distant lore
– Or so it seems – clears the deep refrain!

Emerging youth: a dormant lea awakes.
The raging colour, singing loud, partakes
In annual birth – spring is born again!

A zest anew for nascent life
Begins in floral train:
Carriage one: a snowdropp thrill;
Carriage two: the crocus;
Number three, a daffodil – dancing,
Drawing focus – as she would,
Attention seeker!

How I love our spring:
The bold and sleeker feel I get,
An inner glow, a ring!
I’ve paid the winter’s chilly debt, so
Now upon the wing!

By Mark R. Slaughter

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Amanda said...

You and me both, Hans! I can't wait to see you next Sunday and give you a big hug and introduce you to my grandparents. :) They will love you, I'm sure.