Saturday, April 27, 2013


Okay, so I know that I haven't posted since February!! Yikes! I'm really sorry guys! I know that I need to post more, but I just have super busy! But thankfully summer will be here soon and I will have more time on my hands (at least hopefully).

Anyhow, so last Friday I went to prom! :D Yep, that's right people prom!! It was such a great night, and i'm so very sad it's over. But hey I have lots of memories from it right? ;) We started out the night at exactly 6 pm. We ate dinner, which was chicken, rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes! It was very yummy! I enjoyed it very much!

Then after dinner we just hung out, and then DANCED! :D They had like old fashioned dances, and then just like free style. I totally got my butt out there and danced. hehe Even though I don't have the best "swag" I still gave it my all. ;)

The night ended at midnight, and we drove home and listened to Michael Buble! That's my guy! ;)    So yeppers! Now for some pictures!

My amazing group of friends! Love them to death!

My amazing guy, Adam! <3 nbsp="" p="">

My best friend, Allyson!!

This was like the cool-est thing ever! I wanted to take a million pictures in it. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

my weekend...

Okay, so like I totally like have not posted in FOREVER!!! So sorry about that. I just never ever seem to have time. :b

But anywho, this past weekend has been a blast! Like, i had hardly any school, and we got like the first ever school canceled because of snow!! Oh my word, I was one happy girl. ;)

Anywho, so one of my besties for life, Manda, and I had a girls night/sleepover this past Friday night, and oh my word it was blast! We went shopping (bought matching fashion scarves) watched "Father of the Bride 2", talked of course, and ate ice cream at 1 in the morning! So yeah fun fun fun!!

Us just being our crazy selfs! ;)

And then today, I went to a basketball game tournament game, and my guys won, and are moving on to the finals!! I'm so very proud of them! They totally deserve it! :D And of course, I got to see my favorite cheerleaders cheer, and hang out with my friends, and make memories! :) 

 My allybear and me. <3 p="">

Joel and Ally!

Me, Joel, and Ally!

Me, my amazing dad, and Allison <3 death="" love="" p="" them="" to="">

Ally, Joel, Me and Allison!

So, yeah, sorry about this kinda random post. I just wanted to share what i was up too, and I feel bad not posting that much. :/ But please comment, and I love you all! <3 p="">

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friday Night Basketball

Well, this past friday me and some of my amazing went to basketball game at my friends school! Like what my good friend Manda said "High school life really is amazing!" You get to go and hang out with each other at games, watching your favorite basketball team and be crazy with each other. :) It really is so great!

But anyhow, I have gone to so many basketball games recently and of corse I have like a million pictures from them, so I thought that it was about time I got my lazy butt to post about them. lol So here they are! I hope you enjoy looking at them! :D

Manda and I in our matching Vacation Bible School Shirts! The reason why we both wore them was because the theme was neon in memory of a basketball coach at a near by school that died on December 26.

One of my really close friends named Abby who also happens to be a cheerleader! Isn't she just so darn cute? ;)

My bestie Manda and I! She is wayy to much fun to hang out with at the games! :D

L-R Me, Allison, Manda! <3 p="p">

Anther one of the awesome cheerleaders Kaitlyn!! :)

INTROS!! They do an awesome job at them too! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Today I got my hair cut and highlight!! I was a little bit nerves about getting it done, but then I just trusted in God, that it would turn out fine, and just like I thought it would, it ended up turning out better then I could even ask for! It's so much more healthy now, and it feels it looks great!  My hair dresser gave me a chocolate brown and golden blonde color, and I love it! Let me know what you think too! ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Price Is Right!

If you know me then you will know that I love love my youth group, and that I am always sad whenever I miss a Sunday Night Live (my youth groups name) or any other sort of events. And this past Friday we held an event at my church that was "The Price Is Right" game show. We had to dress up on 70's clothes  because that was when the show was started, and it was a blast! If you have ever seen this show then you know that the way to win is by guessing the price right of whatever it is that your bidding on. Hence the name of the show. ;)

But anyhow, after several round you keep getting rid of people until there are only two left, and you to go against someone to try and win the grand prize! Which is the biggest and best-est prizes. And GUESS WHAT?? Me and one of my very good friends Adam, went against each other to win. hehe GUESS WHO WON?? Yep, this pretty young lady herself. ;) I was very happy, and Adam is NEVER gonna live that one down. haha


L-R Me, Lauren, Allyson and Sarah. Haha, we got a little bit crazy here. ;)

Adam,(the boy I went against in show case showdown) Me, Allyson. Love these two!

Sarah, Me and Allyson!! Love these two!

Ally and Me! :)

Allison (my amazing sister) and Me!!

Me, Alexa, Allyson! Love these two!

                                                   Jason and Adam (they are brothers)

Me and one of my best-est youth group leaders ever!! Love you Katie!!

Katie and Manda!!

Miss. Amanda, Mrs. Katie, Mrs. Courtney! Best youth group leaders ever!

Katie and Pastor Andrew! Probably one of the cutest couple's ever!!!

Me and Manda getting crazy!

Adam winning his $10 bucks. He was very happy about that. But then he wasn't that happy, when I beat him in the showdown. ;)

Erin, Me, Allison, Heather, Manda! Love them!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hello all! So yes, I finally got around to post on my blog. Shocking right?? ;) Well, I just felt like I should take some time out of super duper busy life, and write a real quick blog post. And when I mean "real quick" I mean, it will take me about 3 hours to post this. But it will eventually get put up on my blog. ;)

So, anyhow what I really really really wanted to post about, that has kept up all night, made me not focus on school, is that I went to a contra dance this past Saturday with a few of my friends. The place that we go to, has contra dances every month, starting in September until May. It's held at a church, and it's probably one the best highlights of each of my months. Of corse I only went to the one in October, and November, but it still counts right? :)

Here is the group of my friends that could make it! I'm hoping that more of my friends will show to the next one, because the more people, the more fun! Plus at the next one there is going to be punch, sweets, a cake walk, and of corse dancing! I mean who wouldn't want to come to a Christmas themed dance?? I know for sure that I won't miss it. ;) hehe
Front Row: Daniel, Allyson, Me, Allison, Heather
Back Row: Joel, Alexa, Josh, Ruth

One of the good friends Alexa and me cooling off durung the break. :) Because believe me, when you put about 25+ people in a medium sized gym, and they are all dancing to their hearts content, you know it's gonna get hot in there. lol

Alexa, Allyson, and Me just being crazy as always. ;) 

Okay, so yeah this picture is a reaaaaallllllly long story. haha So be prepared. So anywho, there was this fan nearby to cool people down, because like I said it got really hot in there because there was like a million people there, so this huge fan was sitting in the corner to "cool" people off. Alex (girl on the left of me) had a great idea to take a picture in front of the van. And, so from there and all went down hill, and pretty much myself and Allyson agreed along to this. haha So yep, that is why I said we are crazy. ;) Also, notice the guy in the background?? Oh, man good times.

Alright, so I promise this is my last photo. ;) But to close this one down, I had a pretty awesome night, and I hope that even more of my friends can come to the next one!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soccer Game!

This past Friday night, I went to a soccer game with a whole bunch of friends. It rained pretty much, the whole time, but that didn't stop any of us from having fun! lol There just is nothing like sipping hot chocolate, and chatting with friends at a sporting game, and so that is why I had so much fun! Plus, i knew like all of the soccer players. ;)

Anyways, here are the pictures!!

Watching The Game!! Alexa, Allyson, Me

Allyson, Alexa, Allison

After the Game we all took pictures with our soccer player friends. :) There are the best! L-R Manda, Allison, Adam, Me, Alexa, Allyson, Mary