Saturday, July 31, 2010

An American Girl Party Part 1

Last week my sister Meghan had her birthday party. It was an American Girl doll party. All of her gusts had to come dressed up as an American Girl that we choose. My older sister and I dressed up too. We played games did a craft and watch Charissa.

Game:We played 4 games that only took a few minutes to play. The prizes were silly bands (everybody loved that).

Craft: My mom drew the American Girl dolls to make paper dolls. They turned out really cute, and I think that everybody enjoyed them.

So all in all, the party went good. And of course I have pictures!


Meghan as Molly McIntire


Allison as Felicity Merriman


Hannah (Me) as Josefina Montoya


Rebekah as Julie Albright


Lydia as Samantha Parkington


Grace as Kaya


Heidi as Kirsten Larson


Anonymous said...

OH that sounds like SO much fun! I love AG!

Jo Bekah Photography said...

How cute! You guys look like you are having SOOO much fun! I don't see Kit on there though! lol :D

Michaela said...

Very cute and fun! :) Love it!

Sereina said...

Sounds fun! Everyone looks so cute dressed up!

Much love,

jdmsmith said...

What a fantastic idea! My girls love those dolls also! Did someone make the outfits! All of you look wonderful!

Tarissa said...

The outfits are just too cute! All the girls were able to match their clothes very closely to the real characters. Must have been a neat party!

Moe said...

I love the outfits! Very creative...