Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Help!!!! In need of a recipe!

Just a quick note to say.....Do any of you have any good dessert recipes? I have to make a dessert for a pool party, and I can't think of anything. I would like recipes that don't have to many steps. If you have any just let me know.

~Hannah Rebekah


Sereina said...

The Hershey's Kitchens website has a great chocolate cake recipe. Or you could make cookies, since they are simple and fast. Chocolate chip is my favorite. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a really yummy chocolate banana cake recipe! I made it for my brothers birthday, and I made a coconut frosting and dyed it green for a hobbit hill with green grass.

Tarissa said...

When you say dessert, the very first thing that comes to mind is a lovely Cherry Pineapple Dumpcake that my family has always made... it's delicious! And just a few ingredients.

Actually, I just remembered that I posted the recipe a few months ago! Let me get the link.

Another idea is always.... COOKIES! (yum)

Hannah grace said...

I really like these cookies,they are called peanut butter blossom cookies.
here is a recipe.

Hannah Rebekah said...

Thank you all for the recipes! I think I know what I am going to make now.

~Hannah Rebekah

Allison Elizabeth said...

The picture on the top makes me hungry... I can't wait to see how your dessert turns out! You should post the finished product on your blog!

Allison ♥