Friday, June 11, 2010


I got tagged by Michaela, from The Last Rose of Summer. Thank you so much! I love getting tagged.

Here are the rules..... You have to say 7 random things about you. So now I have to say 7 random things about me. By the way, You have to tag 7 people. Here it goes.

1. I hate germs. I mean so bad that my family always makes fun of me about it. But I think that the more I get older the less I will be crazy about germs. Now that I said you can't start making fun of me.

2. My brother's is April 4, My birthday May 31, My sister's is June 13, My dad's is July 27, My other sister is Aug. 21, My mom is Feb. 12 My other other sister's is Feb. 4. So ya you will be seeing alot of Happy Birthday posts.

3. My sister Allison is 3 years older then me, but we are both the same height. Everybody always thinks that we are twins. Ya I don't think that she is really happy about that.

4. My favorite song is I have been blessed and Your hands by JJ Heller. Both really really good.

5. I share a room with my 3 sister's and sometimes brother.

6. Someday I would like to move to England or Ireland. Now that is hard for me to say since I don't like to even think about moving out of your town. But I would never want to move somewhere like AZ.

7. I have never been on a air plane. I would never want to ride in one anyways. Yep I am a travel by car all the way.

Now I am going to tag......
Allison from Girl of the Prairie
The girls from Seven Sisters
Johanna from Old-Fashioned Girl
Rebecca Ann from Singing in Hs Name
Stephanie from Stephanie's Saga
Marguerite,Aimee,Genevieve from The Three Spinsters


Michaela said...
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Michaela said...

Hello again! :D Sorry its taken me a little while to get back to you ~ YES The High Kings have a CD, in fact they just came out with their second, Memory Lane. I love both that one and their debut album. (Oh! btw, they are from the same creator as Celtic Woman. ;) )
Check out some of their videos - I'd suggest starting with Maries Wedding. B-)

Lemme know what you think!!