Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This award goes to................
Tarissa from In the bookcase
Stephanie from Stephanie's Saga
Allison Elizabeth from Girl of the Prairie
Stephanie Ann from World Turn'd Upside Down
Lindsay from Content in Christ


Allison Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Hannah!

Allison Elizabeth♥

Kate said...

Thank you Hannah! :)

Stephanie said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog, and the lovely award! :D

Michaela said...

Hello! :) Thank you so much for the blog comment - I love long ones, so don't worry. ;)
Yes I've heard of Celtic Woman, and to tell the complete truth, they aren't my favorite. ^_^ I really love Celtic music, but I'm not overly fond of womens voices! hehe Have you heard of The High Kings?

Oh - and I'm tagging you. ;) Just grab the award and tell everyone 7 random things about yourself. Then tag 7 (or more or less) gals.

(and you thought your comment was long? ;))