Monday, June 14, 2010

Kit Kittredge Movie

My sister had a birthday yesterday, and my dad took her to target to buy something for herself. When she came back, she had the Kit Kittredge movie in her hands. So since it was her birthday we pop it into the computer and watched it on my mom and dads bed. I didn't watch all of it but sometimes I came into the room and watch a little of it. It is a really good movie and if you have not yet watch it, than I suggest that you do. I am also putting on there the cast list.

Abigail Breslin mas Kit Kittredge
Julie Ormond as Margaret Kittredge
Chris O'Donnell as Jack Kittredge
Max Thieriot as Will Shepherd
Madison Davnport as Ruthie Smithens
Jane Krakowski as May Dooley
Zach Mills as Stirling Howard
Glenne Headly as Louise Howard
Joan Cusack as Lucinda Bond
Wallace Shawn as Mr.Gibson
Willow Smith as Countee Garby


Johanna said...

Yes, our family (encluding my bro's {LOL}) like this movie too! Although Molly is my favorite!

faithngracegirl said...

My sisters and I watched this movie and thought that it was really good! It doesn't follow the books... but oh well!


Stephanie Ann said...

I am pretty old (22), when I heard this came out in theaters, I begged my boyfriend to take me. We didn't end up getting to go but It's good to know that you enjoyed it. I had an American Girl doll when I was little and I really loved the stories that went along with them.