Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday Party!

Yesterday, was my birthday party. It was so much fun. We went go-carting,ate hotdogs,watch a movie and played games. But I didn't post about that, I am posting about money saving decorations. We didn't have alot of money to decorate.......So we put our thinking caps on and made some really cute decorations. We made cupcake name cards,paper flowers,and paper chains. I turned out really good and my friends made alot of comments about it. It really did make a mark.

So if you need to save money the next time that you are have a birthday party, this how you do it. NOTE: I hope you have alot of paper in your house. LOL! By the way, if you have any thing that you would like to share, then go right ahead. Have a nice day.


Our table setting


Name Cards


Colorful Paper Chains


Anonymous said...

Adorable decorations!! I especially love the cupcake name holders. Great job!


faithngracegirl said...

I love your decor! Soooo cute!


Allison Elizabeth said...

Great post!

I thought of another idea... what if you made a bunch of giant butterflies out of construction paper and suspended them from the ceiling?

Your decorations required a lot of cutting... *sigh* if we only had a cricut!

Allison ♥
(Your Sister)