Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Hello all! So yes, I finally got around to post on my blog. Shocking right?? ;) Well, I just felt like I should take some time out of super duper busy life, and write a real quick blog post. And when I mean "real quick" I mean, it will take me about 3 hours to post this. But it will eventually get put up on my blog. ;)

So, anyhow what I really really really wanted to post about, that has kept up all night, made me not focus on school, is that I went to a contra dance this past Saturday with a few of my friends. The place that we go to, has contra dances every month, starting in September until May. It's held at a church, and it's probably one the best highlights of each of my months. Of corse I only went to the one in October, and November, but it still counts right? :)

Here is the group of my friends that could make it! I'm hoping that more of my friends will show to the next one, because the more people, the more fun! Plus at the next one there is going to be punch, sweets, a cake walk, and of corse dancing! I mean who wouldn't want to come to a Christmas themed dance?? I know for sure that I won't miss it. ;) hehe
Front Row: Daniel, Allyson, Me, Allison, Heather
Back Row: Joel, Alexa, Josh, Ruth

One of the good friends Alexa and me cooling off durung the break. :) Because believe me, when you put about 25+ people in a medium sized gym, and they are all dancing to their hearts content, you know it's gonna get hot in there. lol

Alexa, Allyson, and Me just being crazy as always. ;) 

Okay, so yeah this picture is a reaaaaallllllly long story. haha So be prepared. So anywho, there was this fan nearby to cool people down, because like I said it got really hot in there because there was like a million people there, so this huge fan was sitting in the corner to "cool" people off. Alex (girl on the left of me) had a great idea to take a picture in front of the van. And, so from there and all went down hill, and pretty much myself and Allyson agreed along to this. haha So yep, that is why I said we are crazy. ;) Also, notice the guy in the background?? Oh, man good times.

Alright, so I promise this is my last photo. ;) But to close this one down, I had a pretty awesome night, and I hope that even more of my friends can come to the next one!!!

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Amanda said...

I am thinking about the one in December. :) I'm kinda interested. Do you have to dance ALL the dances, or can you pick and choose once you see how its done??? :)

Just email me, k? Thanks! :D