Sunday, November 18, 2012

Price Is Right!

If you know me then you will know that I love love my youth group, and that I am always sad whenever I miss a Sunday Night Live (my youth groups name) or any other sort of events. And this past Friday we held an event at my church that was "The Price Is Right" game show. We had to dress up on 70's clothes  because that was when the show was started, and it was a blast! If you have ever seen this show then you know that the way to win is by guessing the price right of whatever it is that your bidding on. Hence the name of the show. ;)

But anyhow, after several round you keep getting rid of people until there are only two left, and you to go against someone to try and win the grand prize! Which is the biggest and best-est prizes. And GUESS WHAT?? Me and one of my very good friends Adam, went against each other to win. hehe GUESS WHO WON?? Yep, this pretty young lady herself. ;) I was very happy, and Adam is NEVER gonna live that one down. haha


L-R Me, Lauren, Allyson and Sarah. Haha, we got a little bit crazy here. ;)

Adam,(the boy I went against in show case showdown) Me, Allyson. Love these two!

Sarah, Me and Allyson!! Love these two!

Ally and Me! :)

Allison (my amazing sister) and Me!!

Me, Alexa, Allyson! Love these two!

                                                   Jason and Adam (they are brothers)

Me and one of my best-est youth group leaders ever!! Love you Katie!!

Katie and Manda!!

Miss. Amanda, Mrs. Katie, Mrs. Courtney! Best youth group leaders ever!

Katie and Pastor Andrew! Probably one of the cutest couple's ever!!!

Me and Manda getting crazy!

Adam winning his $10 bucks. He was very happy about that. But then he wasn't that happy, when I beat him in the showdown. ;)

Erin, Me, Allison, Heather, Manda! Love them!

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Amanda said...

That was soooo much fun!! I'm so glad I went! Love all the pics.
I just printed out a collage of some of my faves. :)