Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Treats!

WARING: If you have a big sweet tooth then suggest that you don't read this post.

Yesterday was the first day of fall! I am going to give you a short little post about my10 favorite fall treats.

1. Carmel Apples
Carmel Apples are like the best fall treat! After coming home from going to an apple orchid its always nice to bit into a nice, juicy Granny smith Carmel apple. One year we tried to make our own Carmel apples, but they weren't as good as the kind that you get at the store. I was surprised.

2. Apple Cider
After having a nice Carmel apple, you will want a nice ice cold glass of apple cider! Apple cider always taste why better really cold. I love drinking this for lunch or dinner on cold or hot days.

3. Cinnamon Donuts
I love donuts any time of the season believe me! But during a fall crisp day it is just so tasty. One time when my family was camping we made cinnamon donuts and they were so delicious. Believe me if you have not yet had a homemade cinnamon doughnut in your life, then I suggest you do this fall.

4. Pecan Pie
I remember that a few years ago we would have a Pecan Pie every Sunday in the fall! That was a good time in my life :) I love the why the Pecans harden in the oven and the sweetness of the brown sugar on the pecans. It is my favorite pie ever!

5. Pumpkin Pie with Cranberry Topping
I have never tried this before, but doesn't sound so yummy? I think that I will have to try this recipe this year at Thanksgiving. If you try it then you will have to tell me how good it is.

6. Pumpkin Spice Muffins
I just L-O-V-E these muffins, and they are so easy to make. The small of them are just amazing. And the best part are these muffins aren't that bad for you. They are so good if you have them for breakfast.

7.Pumpkin Pie
Of course I had to add Pumpkin Pie right? I think that Pumpkin pie is one of the most easiest desserts to make, and it tastes soooo good. And I know that everyone in the world loves it with whipped cream on it.

8.Candy Corn
I think that if you have gone without this fall eating Candy corn then I feel bad for you. This is one of my favorite candy ever. I love eating just the orange part and the just the yellow part and just the white part at once. I love the colors that they choose to put on this candy.
9. Carmel Apple Pops
These are one of my moms favorite fall sweets ever. Every time I or one of my sisters gets a piece of this really yummy candy's, she asks if she can have it. I really think that this piece of candy is really good.

10. Jelly Sour Pumpkins
I love these orange small little pumpkins. There are so yummy. I love any kind of sour candy. So when its all said and done I'd say that I really like these.


Bethany said...

I should've heeded the mouth is watering...


Anna Olivia said...

Ooooh, deliciousness! =)

Amanda said...

Ummm, I'm also loving Starbuck's fall drinks! YUM!

Surprisingly enough though, I'm not that big on pecan pie - I know... It's just one of those things for me...

(awesome post, dear!)

Ellie said...

Hey Hannah! I'm hosting a giveaway today, so head on over and enter before it closes at midnight!

SammySleuth said...

That all looks SOOO good. I love carmel apples, but with braces, it is very hard to eat. :) But I also love the pumpkin pie and apple citer. :)