Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emma Part 1

For my birthday this year my mother and father got me the Emma movie with Romola Garai as Emma. I just loved it. Its funny,long,nice coloring, and most of all I loved Emma's clothes. What did you think? Did you like the 1996 or the 2009 one? I liked some of the people in the old one, but I mostly liked the people in the new one. There will be two posts about this, these are pictures from the first and second episode.

The young little Emma, very cute!
Emma already starting match making.

Emma saying goodbye.

Emma meets Harriet
Emma talking to Harriet about men of course.

I ♥ Emma's house.


Emma hearing a story about Mr.Churchill

Jane Fairfax is in town

Mr.Churchill is in town too


Anonymous said...

I loved the new one! As much as I liked the old one, I have to say that I think this one was better overall, because it went into more detail. And I thought they picked the perfect guy to play Mr. Knightly. :)

Moe said...

I have never seen this one before. Maybe some day, though!


Allison Elizabeth said...

That movie has some of the best screencaps!

Allison Elizabeth♥

The Baker said...

This is one of the greatest. Its so amazing!