Sunday, January 13, 2013

Friday Night Basketball

Well, this past friday me and some of my amazing went to basketball game at my friends school! Like what my good friend Manda said "High school life really is amazing!" You get to go and hang out with each other at games, watching your favorite basketball team and be crazy with each other. :) It really is so great!

But anyhow, I have gone to so many basketball games recently and of corse I have like a million pictures from them, so I thought that it was about time I got my lazy butt to post about them. lol So here they are! I hope you enjoy looking at them! :D

Manda and I in our matching Vacation Bible School Shirts! The reason why we both wore them was because the theme was neon in memory of a basketball coach at a near by school that died on December 26.

One of my really close friends named Abby who also happens to be a cheerleader! Isn't she just so darn cute? ;)

My bestie Manda and I! She is wayy to much fun to hang out with at the games! :D

L-R Me, Allison, Manda! <3 p="p">

Anther one of the awesome cheerleaders Kaitlyn!! :)

INTROS!! They do an awesome job at them too! :)


Amanda said...

Hahahaa I saw the first picture in my dashboard and I was like soo confused cuz I was like, 'Wait! I don't follow my blog! Who put pictures of me and Hans on their blog?' And then I saw 'Hannah's Corner' underneath and I was like, 'Wow... I'm sooo slow!' lol

Love you girly!! I had a blast with you on Friday. See you in about an hour!


ceanna said...

<3 you guys!

ceanna said...

<3 you guys!

ceanna said...

<3 you guys!