Saturday, April 27, 2013


Okay, so I know that I haven't posted since February!! Yikes! I'm really sorry guys! I know that I need to post more, but I just have super busy! But thankfully summer will be here soon and I will have more time on my hands (at least hopefully).

Anyhow, so last Friday I went to prom! :D Yep, that's right people prom!! It was such a great night, and i'm so very sad it's over. But hey I have lots of memories from it right? ;) We started out the night at exactly 6 pm. We ate dinner, which was chicken, rolls, green beans, mashed potatoes! It was very yummy! I enjoyed it very much!

Then after dinner we just hung out, and then DANCED! :D They had like old fashioned dances, and then just like free style. I totally got my butt out there and danced. hehe Even though I don't have the best "swag" I still gave it my all. ;)

The night ended at midnight, and we drove home and listened to Michael Buble! That's my guy! ;)    So yeppers! Now for some pictures!

My amazing group of friends! Love them to death!

My amazing guy, Adam! <3 nbsp="" p="">

My best friend, Allyson!!

This was like the cool-est thing ever! I wanted to take a million pictures in it. 


Amanda said...

Awwww Hans you looked soooooooo beautiful!!! I loved your dress, and hair, and makeup!! :) You and Adam coordinated so well with your outfits. :)


Sarah said...

You look amazing! I love your hair and dress :) Looks/sounds like a pretty fantastic night!

ceanna said...

you really look amazing!I loved seeing all those pics.I fell in love with your dress.keep blogging your fun filled activities!...

ceanna said...

I <3 your footwear.

ceanna said...

can any of you tell how to comment on amanda's blog?thanx!!!!!!