Friday, June 29, 2012

Vacation Bible School

Sorry about not posting recently, but this past week my church had a VBS, which we do called Sonshine, that was bug themed. It was so much fun, and it was so cool meeting new kids, and hearing their stories. And I have even made more friendships too, during this hole thing! Now, I just pray for the kids that came to Sunshine. And I can't wait to do it again next year!!

But, now it's time for some pictures!!! :D

Here's my group the caterpillers. L-R Adam, Adam, Me, Katie, Abby, Kara

My friends from the Bee Group! L-R Katie, Gabe, Chelsea, Sam, Lizzie, Jason, Matt, Leland, Bennett

Some of the girls from our class. :D

One of the little boys was break dancing in our room. lol It was so funny.

Showing our "Green Spirit" for green out night.

One of the leaders with the some of the girls in my group.

Katie and Abby next to our giant mushrooms that we made from a kitty pool and bean bag. It was so neat!

L-R Allison, Me, Manda <3 Here we are right after the Carnival!! It was hot. lol

 As you can tell it was so much fun to do, and it was so neat to see how God was working through some of the kids that came to Sonshine. I was really blessed getting the chance to work in Sonshine, and I already know that I would really like to work in it again next year, and probably the years to come. :D God has blessed me in so many ways, and I truly am so blessed right now.

Please feel free to comment! :D


Amanda said...

I loved this Hans!!! Love the pictures. :) You made those mushrooms from a bean bag and kitty pool?!!!?? Wow. Creative!

I told Alli I'm prolly gonna do a Sonshine post, too. haha


p.s. did you ever get the pic i sent you of alli, you and me at the carnival?? i sent it in an email...

Hannah Rebekah said...

Yeah you should totally post about it! :D I would love to read your thoughts about it!

Love, Hannah

P.S. Yeah I think that I got it. I will have to add it to my post. :)

Anastasia said...

Love the mushrooms!!!! So creative! Sounds like you had a good time!

Also, I just tagged you! Check it out at my blog. Have an awesome day!


Anna said...

Looks like such fun!