Monday, April 23, 2012


So, this year it seems like my family has gotten more into sports, and now my little brother is playing T-ball. He has his first game today (and even though they weren't keeping track of score I think that his team probably won). :) But, anyhow I thought that it would be the greatest idea to take a few pictures of him and his team playing. He was probably the cutest kid out there. lol

He and one of his team mates were warming up together, by throwing the ball back and forth. It was pretty darn cute. I must say that there is just something about little kids, playing sports together that is so cute. lol Maybe it's the fact that they are just all out there having the greatest time!

Sorry that the pictures are so tiny, it was so cold outside and I pretty much spent the hole game in a car. lol So I didn't want to walk any closer. haha Yeah I know I am so lazy right?


There Lucas is running towards first base! He was really good out there.

Oh and there he is standing there getting ready to run to second base. And in case you can't see it, he is number 1. lol He was very proud of that. ;) 


Amanda said...

I love your li'l brother!!!!! He is too adorable for words! When I saw him crying cuz he wanted to go on the walk with us, my heart melted. He is precious. :)

Love ya,

p.s. i'm gonna email you on how to make your pics bigger when you post them. :)

Hannah Rebekah said...

I figured out how to make the pictures bigger! So, I will make sure to make them bigger from now on. :)