Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shadow's by David Crowder ft. Lecrae

Okay, so right now I am totally into this song. lol As you can see in a few posts down though once I find a song that love I listen to it none stop all the time. lol And so here is the next one that I am totally into right now. It's called "Shadow's" by David Crowder ft. Lecrae! I love hip hop/rap music, and this music has got that in it. It rocks. lol


Jessica said...

nice =D i guess i don't usually associate rap with good music, but this wasn't bad!

Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

Amanda said...

hahahaha ohmyword we both do the same thing!! right now i keep listening to '[today i met] the boy i'm gonna marry'. its from the amazing-wonderful-hilarious movie 'Father of the Bride'!! :)


Anonymous said...

I love Lecrae.