Friday, November 25, 2011

So how was it???

So how was all your guys Thanksgiving?? Mine was pretty good. We had it at my grandma's house for the last time ever because she is moving next month, so it was bittersweet for all of us. We all have had such wonderful memories in that house.

But even though we were sad cuz that was the last time we would have a holiday in that house. We still had a wonderful time! I would say though that I had the most fun doing the cupid shuffle in the living room with my cousin Rayanne and my grandmother. Yes, even my grandma got into it. haha

I have so many things that I am thankful and I if I were to list them all then, I would overwhelm you. But God, always gives me so much in my life that I am even thankful for trials, because God is just making us stranger when he puts us through that. :)

So what are you all thankful for? I'm sure that you are thankful for as much as me, but you can just let me know maybe one thing that you are really super extra thankful for.


Jessica said...

i am thankful for dogs, rollercoaster, family, friends, electronics, blogging, the beauty of nature, nail-polish, a roof over my head, 24- hour stores, food, and rain. (not particularly in that order.) happy thanksgiving!

Allison Elizabeth said...

I am Thankful for you Hannah!

From DAD