Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holmes Cty....

This past weekend my family went to one of our favorite places to visit on vacation....Holmes Cty! If any of you are unfamiliar with Holmes Cty, it's a place in Ohio where amish people live. It really truly is pretty.

But anywho, whenever we go there you better believe that we are taking our camera along with us. lol We took over 5oo+ pictures so you better be ready for pictures overload. ;)


An amish grandmother and her grandchild :)

An amish buggy. It seems like we can leave amish country without getting at least one buggy picture. lol

A beautiful fall tree!

I <3 this goat and guess what? Her name is Hannah. ;)

My mom loves these corn shocks. And I know why, they are so fall-ish. lol


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Cubette said...

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Carli Nicole said...

Cool pictures! It looks like an interesting place! I'm following now!


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The Baker said...

Oh my gosh!!! My family and I go there a lot. We have some Amish friends that we go to see!!! It it so pretty!
jo (13)

Blythe said...

love it there,but I hate how touristy its been getting the last few years.