Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's been so long...

It's been 2 weeks since I posted last! Yikes! Sorry about that, but you see I have been busy with history night that my mom planned for my homeschool group.

Every year, my mom plans history night and people come and
dress up and say a little speech about someone or something to represent their project. It always turns out to be a huge success!

This year I did Eleanor Roosevelt! At first I didn't want to do her, but now I am glad that I made the decision to do my project on her, because it was so much fun! I served soup to eat, and all my guests loved it!

My sister Allison did The Romanov's family, and she loved doing that too! She wore a white prom dress and did her hair up like the way the Romanov's did. Even though the story of the Romanov's is sad, it is still very interesting. For food she served Russian Tea Cakes.

(Her set was the table with the gold and white table cloth on it. Next to her is my friend's display.)

Okay, so my other sister Meghan did Amelia Earhart. She REALLY enjoyed doing her, but didn't like the why her display ended up looking (I think that it looked really cute). She served mini-hot dogs rolled in crescent rolls for her food, because it was Amelia's favorite food.

As you can see there is a picture of Amelia's airplane that she drew and colored herself. She is a very good artist.

And finally, my littlest sister Heidi did Annie Oakley! She said she picked this topic because it would be cool to have a gun with her during the night. She actually used a friends of ours play gun. She served chocolate covered raisins as her food (bullets), and I would say out of our family she wins with the best snack!

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