Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas tree story....

Only 14 days till Christmas! And since it's so close, and I have not posted in awhile then I thought that I would post about our Christmas tree. This story is really funny, so get ready.

We got a real Christmas tree last week for free thinking that it would be nice to have. So we got it inside to set it up, and we then realized that it was half dead. We left it up thinking that if we gave it water every day that it would live. Well it ended up just getting worse, so we took it down and put up our fake one that we had in our garage. It looks soooooo much better.

I only had a picture of our old tree, but I thought that it was a nice picture.

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SisterlyLove said...

Oh no!! That's so sad! But, your fake tree will be beautiful I'm sure. Post some pics of it! Pretty please. :)