Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Still thinking about the 4th of July? LOL

Last week, my sister was eating a red,white and blue Popsicle, wearing a blue short,blue plants and red shoes. I told her that she looked like she was ready for the 4th of July (even though it was last month). Well, I guess that she will just have to wear that next year. I hope that these pictures will make you laugh. Oh and one more thing, there was a red car in the pictures too. How perfect is that!


See, don't the pictures look good? She looks really 4th of July-ish. Even though like I said.... It was last month. I hope that you enjoyed this post! Have a nice day! Make sure you comment :0)


Amanda said...

The pictures are adorable!

Sereina said...

What cute pictures! Your sister is adorable!

Alexandra said...

How cute!

I have those EXACT same Popsicle in my house still :). Still yummy.
And the red car--what a coincidence!

Miss K said...

Great pictures!