Saturday, July 24, 2010

Car wash or should I say van wash.....

On Friday my sisters and brother washed the van, and of course I took pictures. I just love how the pictures turned out. My siblings had fun washing the van and our dad is gong to give us $5.00 for it. So here are the pictures. Enjoy! Oh and for a bonus, I asked Meghan,Heidi and Lucas what they thought about washing the van.

Meghan: It was fun to wash the van. But it was NOT fun to get wet.

Heidi: I think that it was fun too. It was great to get wet.

Lucas: I liked getting wet. And I was happy when you (me) got me in dry clothes.


Meghan getting rid of the soap.


Lucas getting soap on his rag


Heidi washing the van


The finished job!


Sereina said...

Fun pictures!

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Looks fun! It was so hot here today, I wish I was out there getting soaked with the lot of ya!

SisterlyLove said...

Cute pictures!

And I LOVE the music on your blog. We just watched North and South again last night. So good! :)


marvelousme said...

Oh, my WORD!!! You have the cutest siblings!!! I especially love that last pic, mainly because of Lucas

Moe said...

Cool! I always love getting wet while working... it seems to lighten the load somehow.